Congratulations to Warwickshire registrar on her second motivational book release


Dr Afiniki Akanet, one of Care UK’s registrars for Warwickshire, has done it again with the upcoming release of her second motivational book, Taking CSA Tomorrow: Get in the right mindset for your MRCGP exam.

Following the success of her first motivational book, Life Without Coffee: Choosing happiness over stress, a book that took inspiration from the life and experience of NHS medical doctor, entrepreneur and mother – Dr Afiniki Akanet, to inspire the reader to reflect on their patterns of life and work, with the aim of setting realistic goals, living intentionally and enjoying the life they create; Dr Akanet has drawn from her own experiences once again to create her second motivational book aimed at GP trainees about to take the Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA).

Available to buy as an e-book, Taking CSA Tomorrow: Get in the right mindset for your MRCGP exam, is a motivational read and quick to digest with the average read-through time taking less than an hour, which means that although it is primarily aimed at GP trainees about to take the CSA, those not from a clinical background will also find some inspirational motivation within the pages too.

Afiniki said: “Thanks to media attention over the years, most of us now know about the challenges faced by junior doctors in terms of working hours and work-life balance, but only those in the profession really know the pressure of professional medical examinations.

“Assessments are important for ensuring high standards and safe medical practice, so we welcome them, but have to be aware of the need to look after the mental health of doctors.

“With government plans to increase the number of General Practitioners (GPs) over the next few years to meet increasing healthcare demands, more needs to be done to encourage practising doctors to remain in the profession, and to encourage the next generation of young people to feel positive about coming into medicine.

“I am a final year GP trainee and have recently taken the CSA myself. A high-stakes exam like this often provokes a range of emotions, including anxiety. I wanted to write a truthful and inspirational book that would encourage other trainees taking this important examination, help them get into the right frame of mind for the exam and to succeed so they can move on with their rewarding career as a GP.”

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Dr Afiniki Akanet will also be signing copies of Life without Coffee: Choosing happiness over stress, at Foyles bookshop, Birmingham, on Saturday 13th July from 2pm-3pm