Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre’s 50,000th patient says thank you

The 50,000th patient to receive treatment at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre returned to the centre to say thank you  as the team celebrated the special milestone this week.

The centre opened in 2005 and since then, 25,179 joints replacements and 24,907 other orthopaedic procedures have been carried out, including knee arthroscopies – operations that clean out debris from degenerating joints – hand and feet procedures and pain freeing spinal procedures.

Mrs Christine Longcake recently had a left knee joint replaced at the centre, becoming the 50,000 patient to be treated; she said: “I was delighted. I had never had an operation of any kind before and I was quite worried at the idea.

“I needn’t have been, everyone was so friendly, kind and caring from the reception desk right the way through. During my assessment I was told exactly what would happen and when, and , just as they said, it all went very smoothly.

“I love dancing and organise fundraising charity dances locally. The pain from the osteoarthritis had stopped me dancing for more than a year, which was sad. Since the operation I have done the exercises the physiotherapist gave me and I am hoping to be back on the dance floor in time for Christmas.”

Hospital director Steve Booker said: “Thanks to the team’s hard work, people across Derbyshire and the East Midlands have been able to go back to work, to caring for their families and to the hobbies they love, free from the debilitating pain of worn joints and trapped nerves.

“The level of pain caused by bone degeneration is excruciating and many people find themselves relying on stronger painkillers to continue with their daily lives. The good news is there is no need to suffer: our waiting times are short and our surgical teams are excellent.”