Our NHS waiting times

We know that many of our patients are in a lot of pain, so the sooner they can be seen by our consultants the better. Because we only deal with scheduled care, and no emergency cases, not only are our waiting times short, but the NHS patients who use our services know they’ll get the treatment they were expecting, on the day they were expecting it.

Already on a waiting list with another hospital? If you are told your elective surgery has a wait of more than 18 weeks, you might be eligible to switch waiting lists. Click here to find out more.

The following waiting times are indicative of the average wait for NHS-funded treatment. If you are looking to pay for yourself, via our fast and cost-effective self pay option, please speak to one of our self pay advisors to understand how quickly you could be treated privately. You can find their details here.

Our current waiting times

Speciality First appointment From appointment to treatment*
Foot and ankle surgery 2-5 weeks 4-8 weeks
Hand and wrist surgery 2-5 weeks 4-8 weeks
Hip surgery 2-5 weeks 4-8 weeks
Knee surgery 2-5 weeks 4-8 weeks
Shoulder and elbow surgery 2-5 weeks 4-8 weeks
Spinal surgery 3-6 weeks 4-8 weeks
Eye surgery 2-4 weeks 2-6 weeks
*“The actual time you wait will depend on many factors, including whether further diagnostics or tests are required, patient choice and how quickly the NHS approve the funding for your treatment, nevertheless the vast majority will be in the range detailed above.”

Please note: waiting times displayed are indicative and can change on a daily basis. We aim to refresh these every month.