New knee puts spring in step of walker after shocking reflection

A lifelong Holmewood resident is ready to tackle the peaks again after knee replacement surgery at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.

Margaret Jones, who had been living in pain, only acted after she was shocked at her reflection in a shop window. She said: “I had been in pain for a long-time and the last six months had been excruciating; the nights were worse and I struggled to sleep.

“I was shopping in Chesterfield when I turned and caught sight of myself in a large shop window. It was then that I saw how badly I was walking and it was affecting my whole posture. I realised that I could be doing more damage to myself by putting off surgery.

“I had been keen to keep going on my own knee as long as possible, but it was at that point I realised something had to be done.”

Within weeks of her GP referring her to the centre she was assessed and scheduled for surgery. She said: “It was marvellous. I had all my pre-operative assessments in one morning; I saw the consultant, anaesthetist and physiotherapist – and had my tests and X-ray.”

The operation went smoothly, and Mrs Jones, 75, was working with the physiotherapist within hours of her surgery. She said: “Everyone was wonderful. I had fantastic care and the team were friendly and professional. I was amazed I was walking with crutches so quickly after the operation – and I was home two days later.”

Within six weeks she was crutch-free and enjoying being able once again to get a good night’s sleep.

Mrs Jones, who is a keen walker and who keeps fit with circuit training, said: “I love walking and being in the countryside, so getting back to fitness was very important to me.

“I followed the consultant’s and physiotherapist’s instructions to the letter and did my exercises religiously. It worked: I’m now confident on longer walks and I am planning to take on a route at Malham Cove, in the Yorkshire Dales – a challenge I have been looking forward to for a long time.”

Hospital director Steve Booker said: “I’m delighted to hear that Mrs Jones is back walking and enjoying our wonderful countryside.

“Worn cartilage can see bone grinding on bone and it is exceptionally painful. The good news is that there is no need to live in pain. A simple GP referral letter means you can receive NHS treatment at the centre and be pain-free within weeks.”