Get a new hip or knee by the New Year

NHS patients in Derbyshire, South Yorkshire, Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire who are told by their GPs over the next few weeks that they need a new hip or knee could have the operation and be up and about by the New Year – if they ask to be referred for surgery to Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre.

The hospital is currently seeing joint replacement surgery patients for pre-operation assessments within a fortnight of receiving their referral by their GP. Patients seen in the next two weeks could have their operation before Xmas and with the enhanced recovery programmes provided by Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, could be well on the road to full mobility and pain free to start the New Year.

Steve Booker, Hospital Director at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre, commented: “Our waiting times for joint replacement surgery are currently comparatively short which means that if anyone has been waiting for this type of surgery for a while, or if they simply want to be treated sooner, they can exercise their right to choose where they receive their NHS treatment and come to us. If they have been seen by their GP and their GP agrees they need surgery, patients can ask their GPs to refer them to us.”

He added: “There is no reason for any NHS patient in the region who needs a new knee or hip to be in pain for longer than is necessary – we have the capacity to provide surgery without the wait.”

Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre has ‘Good’ overall rating from the Care Quality Commission who also rated them as ‘Outstanding’ for Care.