Dignity Action Day at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre

Patients and the team at Barlborough NHS Treatment Centre celebrated Dignity Action Day on Thursday 1 February with cake, balloons and their very own “dignity tree”.

During national Dignity Action Day, health and social care professionals aim to promote dignity in their work. They encourage members of the public to give their views on what dignity means to them and what the service can do to make them feel in control of their treatment and visits.

Patients, visitors and colleagues wrote about what is important to them about dignity on paper leaves. The leaves were then attached to the dignity tree inside the centre.

Head of Nursing Elaine Bodle said: “We had lots of fun with quizzes and prizes but, behind the fun, there was a positive intention to learn more about how patients and colleagues view dignity. After all, maintaining patients’ dignity and achieving the highest quality service is fundamental to all we do.

“I think it is wonderful that patients and colleagues will be able to see what they think about dignity and respect. We will be taking feedback from the leaves and will ensure that the way we deliver our services promotes and protects the dignity of all.”

Management at the centre served refreshments and cake throughout the day in the Outpatient Department and with the mid-morning drinks for in-patients.